Lee Stanton Antiques

STASH is a lifestyle-based presentation of antique and vintage items from Lee Stanton. STASHLA.com presents a collection of inspirational images from our showroom as well as inspirational images from a variety of other sources along with products from our STASH inventory that reflect a current and fluid lifestyle.

STASH Warehouse was born out of necessity; space for the increasing and wider selection of antiques in the Lee Stanton inventory. It was the appeal of an “unplugged” industrial setting that lead to a warehouse rather than a second showroom. The thought was to utilize a juxtaposing environment for refined antique and vintage items and furthermore to present them in a neutral and raw manner rather than a decorated showroom. This eclectic approach provides the client a fresh perspective on timeless pieces.

Private STASH is an opportunity to view a curated selection of Lee Stanton inventory in a private exhibition setting. Watch for an upcoming schedule of these Private STASH exhibitions.

In addition to his antique collection, Lee offers a range of Lee Stanton Seating Editions as well a selection of Limited Editions that are repurposed interpretations from unique vintage and antique objects. These hand-made items provide a unique alternative to mass-marketed decorative accessories for the home.

Lee works closely with the interior design trade, collaborating with design professionals throughout the specification and design process. Please contact us for trade pricing.

Lee also works with private clients in decorating their home with a curated approach to design. Please contact lee@leestanton.com if you would like to discuss a curated approach to design in your home.

Contact us for trade pricing.

STASH by Lee Stanton
767 N. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90069
Open 10-5 Monday-Friday
STASH Warehouse is only a few blocks away. Viewings Upon Request.